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Is there any limit on submitting offers to buyers request in v2? [ARCHIVED]


I am using v2 and I only submitted my offer to one request after that I cannot offer. every time it is written that no offers left… what its mean… I only get orders by submiting offers


Reply to @bachas85: I have only 1 gig active …


Reply to @king_kut: I agree


Reply to @bachas85: I have only 1 gig active …


Reply to @king_kut: I agree


It may have something to do with your level (member) at the time, maybe you will be able to submit more when you level up?

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Mine is restricted to 5 , and sometimes it send the wrong gig to buyer .


but how will I promoted to level 2… I don’t get any orders with out submitting requests

designotree said: every time it is written that no offers left... what its mean... I only get orders by submiting offers

And that is the core of this issue. You really care about YOUR sales, and that is perfectly understandable. But it seems you would also like to send many gig offers to buyers - buyers who generally do NOT buy what you want to sell, even when you send tham a message. So from the BUYER'S point of view, getting many offers, (from you and many other sellers too), is just like spam - unwanted or off-topic emails. So Fiverr has a new plan to limit the number of offers a seller can send.

Your profile shows that you have only been on Fiverr for about a week, so you probably don't have much history of verified sales on Fiverr. That is not saying you are not competent - just that you have not had enough good transactions yet to PROVE that you are competent and reliable. Eventually, if you get good quality sales, you can be at a higher level, and will be allowed to send more gig requests. But while you are new and untested, (compared to other sellers), the limit is in place to protect buyers from spam.

I might be wrong on the number, but I think I read that new sellers like you can only send one offer a day. So 30 offers a month. So if one out of three buyers who get your request actually buy a gig from you and leave positive feedback you can still be upgraded in a month and then be allowed to send more requests. But it also means you sent 20 offers to people who didn't want to buy from you, and that took some time from them all to deal with your request. So it is a blancing act.

Note: This is a new rule, and might change if enough customers (buyers and sellers) give Fiverr a good reason to change or adjust the limits again.


I have the same problem, but i think that fiverr should aloud you to send more offers because giving more options for the costumer is better because he or she can find the perfect gig for him/her, although i agree that there are some times that it becomes spamming, but the buyers placed the gig to find options…


Reply to @fernandojam: I think you are true… buyer can find the gigs there are many options but they might want to see who is competent who is willing to do his/her job. In this case they want offers… I have 10 orders and my gig is 7 days old…


Yeah, this is a good question! The playing field should be leveled. Some of are really, really talented and gifted at what we do. Meanwhile, we choose to offer our products and services for $5.00 to initiate business, those who on a higher level seem to get all the gigs and their not that great to me! In regards to what they do or offer, the playing field needs to be leveled; meaning you should be entitled to offer your products or services to more than one gig. I think 7 should be the minimum for offers throughout this site per week. One offer per day basically!


Reply to @designotree:

"You must have at least 95% positive rating to make new offers!"

In case you don’t have 95% rating you’ll need to use the “search bar” to be able to submit an offer.

Fiverr shows a tip at the top of the page in orange explaining what you have to achieve.


I think you’re able to send an offer only when you filter the results by using the search bar.


Reply to @landi166: please explain how can I filter the buyer requests


That is not true…I’ve been a member for 30 days and have had 100 percent feed back and quite a few orders. I still can only send 1 offer. It’s a huge problem.


that’s it, why it is limited to 1 request?


@stellagrace101 I just got to level one and can now send 3 requests per day. It took about 5 days after my 30 day mark to actually get me level one. They take their sweet time. Be patient, you’ll get it.


I have completed 10 orders from which 8 are completed and 100% gig rating. hope I will get to level one soon. I used search but “no offers left for today”


Question. Was this decision made in regards to a buyers complaint in the Old Fiverr platform? Because Surely and correct me if I am wrong but I think a lot of Sellers on level 1,2 and Upwards made their bank by sending a their reply to the buyers request section.

Now with this new restriction it will now do two things:

  1. Slow the rate of advancement on already leveled sellers.
  2. Make it extremely hard on new sellers to get to a level.

    The Fiverr community is growing daily and I believe in such an environment we cannot and must not bottleneck the rate of advancement on the sellers/buyers.