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Is there any mechanism made by fiverr to ban accounts with fake reviews because it effects true freelancers like me


Hi fiverr community i am glad to see you all here i have been looking on social media about fake reviews on fiverr is there any mechanism made by fiverr to trace those accounts and to ban them. Because it effects real freelancers to get the job.


I don’t think that there are really a lot of accounts with completely fake reviews because to leave a review somebody still need to purchase their gig (even if a cheapest one).

Another story that a lot of sellers cancelling a lot of orders if they can’t deliver what’s promised and think that buyer will leave bad review. And I don’t think there is an algorythm for that. But that’s why fiverr keeping statistics on “cancellation” ratio to at least somehow stop sellers from cancelling orders.

However that’s true every week I receive 2-3 messages from clients who had bad experience with other sellers and now they just want something proper made for them.


@mariashtelle1 Thanks for your information


You can report both buyers and sellers to the customer service and will take care to verify the account.