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Is there any Method to Recover Account If Forget Email

Hello one of my friend forget their email .now she do not have any method to recover their account :slight_smile: because she do not remember their email…is there any method to recover account ??

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I’m truly mystified, how is this possible?! :thinking:

OK, so let us get a few things straight.

Your friend forgot her email address? or her email and password?

Anyway, your forgetful friend should contact CS. The direct email address is


This reminds me of someone, few weeks ago (I think), ranting about having his/her password changed without being notified on time by Fiverr.

I’m trying to reach for that post but I don’t seem to find it :smirk:

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she forget their email. but she only have Guess.
because she do not remember email that’s why she s unable to login

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Oh, I see.

As her loyal friend, you should totally help her jog :walking_woman:t4: her memory. While she awaits a response from CS.

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If I remember correctly, she can log in with her username and password.

Or did she forget her password, too?


She remember their User name but may be she forget their password

So… She managed to forget BOTH her email AND her password?

You’re aware what it sounds like, right?

The only thing to do, if she can’t remember them, is to wait for help from CS.


dear but I do not know her personal email :frowning: CS replied that they cant help in this matter… its a privacy issue… she replied to cs that only tell me last 4 digits of email .may be it will be helpful but CS refused

Don’t address me as “Dear” Nika is perfectly fine.

Case closed. I knew CS would’ve replied back with that information. They really can’t help due to privacy & security reasons. Ask your friend to grab a :pen: and paper :page_facing_up:. She should start thinking hard and writing down bits of info to help her remember. The users on the forum cannot help her remember her email/pw. We aren’t wizards :woman_mage: or mind readers.


Glad to hear it - I’d hate to think of personal info being given out to folks who supposedly can’t remember it.

If your friend can’t remember a username, email address and password, perhaps she needs to try something less taxing than being on Fiverr?


No She was working on fiverr and was away for a year because she was ill also she lot her phone That’s why

Ohhh Nika m Sorry for my words :slight_smile: Thank you For your help. Appreciated

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I hope she’s feeling better now.

I still write stuff down on paper- definitely helps. :sunny:


Contact Support. Only they can help on this issue.