Is there any modification in gig needed?


Hello I am on Fiverr for last 30 days but not getting orders after 2, my impressions are getting down Please tell me if there is any modification needed


I took a look at your gigs, and from a quick glance this is what I would suggest:

Did you draw that profile picture? It doesn’t seem to sync up with your art style. If it’s not your art, I would advise against using it as profile picture.

Are you actually a certified resume writer? You can make a wide variety of claims about your qualifications on the Internet, but if you can’t back them up then they’re worth very little. It’s also not a great idea to offer a writing gig when your own English is lacking.

In one of your gigs you stated that you would convert files for free, but you have a gig for that in which you state that you’ll convert images for free. Conversion gigs aren’t really in high demand, since there are online convertors that can do the same job for free.


thank you very much I appreciate your suggestion


I’ve noticed that in the gallery of your drawing Gig you always put a monochromatic pencil drawing (head or half body), while the description says “color, full body”.
You can either adapt the sample to the description or vice versa.