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Is there any need of office job anymore ..?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I am from India and the city where I live there people are scared of doing these type of freelancing/online jobs.

Here they think that only those people do these kind of job who are jobless elsewhere.

They think that this can be only part time job or a job to do for fun…you can’t make the life career out of it :frowning:

Than also I took this risk of doing freelancing job on this great Fiverr site rather than joining any 9 to 5 type office job.

I am going great here …I am using fiverr since july 2015 and it is giving me satisfaction as well as money.

In starting it was hard to get many project but now I am getting good sales as well as it is increasing my confidence to stay away from the other daily office jobs.

Now I am level two seller with great reviews (you can check that as well ).

After November my average salary per month is about 700$ and I think it is great in my case :slight_smile:

So,I want to ask you talented people who are using fiverr since 2011 or before …Should I join other job also…??? or FIverr is enough if I keep working hard.


I think someone in this forum has said before, ˝Never put your eggs in one basket˝. I think it should explain enough :slight_smile:

And as for freelancing, I am glad for my friend that it exists. Because he is actually a smart, talented person and he makes very good money (but he is not freelancing on Fiverr). Oh, maybe I should tell him about Fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:

“Here they think that only those people do these kind of job who are jobless elsewhere.”

True, in my case.

“They think that this can be only part time job or a job to do for fun….you can’t make the life career out of it”

Well, it is a fun job for me. And I make money too.

Generally I live by my own rules. Don’t care what people say or don’t say. I can tell you one thing…a lot of people in India think I am an unemployed loser…but I know my secret…and my accountant knows too :slight_smile:

And I’ve given up worrying about “life career”…I take every day as it comes, enjoy it to the fullest. I live in the present, I keep myself so busy that I don’t think about either the past ot the future. What will people say? LOL…I haven’t asked anyone for a single rupee or dollar or any kind of help in my life. Why would I care what anyone thinks about me? I know the issues you are dealing with as an Indian freelancer. You can either get affected by them, or rise above them. That’s all I can say.

Well said :slight_smile:

thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

I will stick to fiverr for more time and will see how it goes.

Honestly, I didn’t think this type of stigma existed in India, I always thought Indians seem to be a wee bit more talented than most. Guess I was wrong about that stigma thing. It’s world wide. :frowning:

Keep up the good work guys. :slight_smile: