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Is there any New Rule related to gig applied in Fiverr?


I have heard from some of the other Fiverr users that there is a new rule in Fiverr for which person can’t use more than one gig within the same sub-category. Is it true? Earlier this month, I have noticed that one of my best gigs wasn’t shown in ranking, but the other one is visible. Both of them were in the same sub-category. Can anyone please inform me if Fiverr applied such new rule?
Thanks so much.


@jonbaas Can you please help me in this issue?


You can use several gigs in the same category.


I think that you can use as many type sort and categories you like when it comes to creating an awesome gig. But and its a big one!! specialization!! you have to be specialized in any one among following fields.
So; you have to niche down extremely, to be ranked or to be recognized.
(I am not saying that you won’t going to get order !! you will; when customer see you that you have niche down to your specialization you’ll have more chance) otherwise; hey!! this place is full of workaholics who are desperate to get more work!! and they have wide spread of categories selected.