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Is there any new trick to rank gig?

Hello sellers. I hope you all are doing well. I want to ask about gigs ranking. Is there any trick except meta tags, title and description SEO to rank gigs?, I have done pretty good SEO in some of my gigs and sharing at social media but I could get order yet? if anyone knows some new tips and tricks, please share. Thank you.

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There were never any tricks to rank your gig. I know a lot of people advising seo, tags, descriptions etc here but there is no proof that it is the way to rank your gig. Still no “tricks”.
Just do a great job and fiverr will rank your gig higher. That’s the only admitted part of algorithm from fiverr support.


Great, i also agree with you.I dnt know why some people continuously post about SEO of gigs. Anyway thanks for advice, i also believe in skills and quality of work