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Is there any official authorities who can help me


it has been 45 days fiverr ruin my business badly almost 3 months ago for one of my client i create andorid+ios apps + website for his project that was really huge project almost 6 apps and website
every time client give me 5 star rating and was really happy it takes to me 60 days to complete his project but 45 days ago the client apply the charge back and all my balance goes to -8000$ and even i can now share with you guys his site plus apps links he is using all of the apps making $$$ with my work it is live he got all source codes give me fiver star feedback all times asp i reported to fiverr they said they are reviewing my case from last 45 days they were giving me same reply copy paste they are reviewing my case but today they reply me sorry they cannot help me in this case that’s all
what happen to me? my life my business ruined as my case was reviewing by fiverr i also did another 6000$ project fiverr cut that from my balance and now it is -2000$
let me know is it fair to me? is fiverr safe for sellers ?
please is there anyone who can forword my case to fiverr higher authorities or Team leaders who can really help me fiverr customer support …


no the client has already got all the source files and the apps are live over his IOS and google playstore accounts i have no longer access to it he was very clever


Since he chargedback, can you not claim that ownership reverts to you and serve Google and Apple store plus his web hosting service with C&D’s claiming copyright violation? Make it more painful and expensive for him to fight with you than to pay you.

I know one tactic that writers use when this happens is that they publish the stolen materials themselves. Can you not publish an almost identical website and apps to the same places he has?


i know but i ll apply the things if i lose my case completely but it will not full fill my pain as i have wasted my 2 months overs his project plus it decrease my order completion rate from 92 to 45 it almost ruined my top rated profile


In all creative content (writing, art, coding…) in Fiverr, the buyer pays not only for the work, but also the right to use it. If a buyer applies a chargeback, he looses the copyright over the work delivered. You should then take legal action against him/her for copyright infringement.


Yes, Google and Apple are very sensitive to copyright violations. Make him fight you every day to stay online with it. Can you sign up for his facebook account associated with the product. Post the fact that you are the author and he stole the code from you on a daily basis. And then there are lots of things you can do that we shall uh…not discuss here.


i knew all these tactics but i dont want to fight with him as i did for him 60 days and nights work 12 hours per day i want the amount for my hard work that i did with sleepless nights
from last 11 months i paid to fiverr 15000$+ tax in 20% form but what fiverr give me security ?


Unfortunately fiverr was stolen from too.


I’m no expert on the subject, but if you’re suspecting it was a scammer, it sounds like it would not be legal to chargeback in that case for malicious purposes and also keep using the products. So imo you should consult a law firm on the matter. It’s no small sum, so the buyer should not get away with it. :rage:


Yes, legal action seems mandatory here. Fiverr does not offer that kind of seller protection, so they have nothing to do on this, seller must go for the buyer. Besides, you know who is, so it’s not really difficult to demand them your money via legal procedure.

I wonder if Fiverr provides personal information regarding an user if a court demands it.


the client has already remove his account from fiverr this user is no longer available now


There is no money guarantee in fiverr!! Day by day it’s going to hard to do big project here. Because if any client want refund then he can refund easily. So where is the money guarantee in fiverr? Fiverr doesn’t take it seriously!!


i had this same issue this month. i delivered an order and 12 days after, the order was cancelled and money returned. i emailed fiverr cust care, but nothing they could do about it. it disheartening getting paid for a delivered order and only to see it go away without NO Reason.


OMG… I am a new seller surfing this forum daily basis and I read several topics like that before but they didn’t hurt me like this. I stuck here and read all the reply carefully. I think @newsmike, @adsensewizard, @juanwriter mentioned better way here. I worked for a local agency based on fiverr and they faced a situation like you. After taking some steps like authority clarification with google they were able to get their justice with Compensation. So I think it will be good idea to follow the step they mentioned here.


but via these steps i can only get back my work cannot get back my 10000$ amount for that i did sleepless nights works with no weekends very tight deadlines


Contact Google and Apple. Explain the situation and demand that your apps are immediately removed from their app stores. - Then rebrand and relaunch them as your own. This way you can at least attempt to profit from your work in the same way your original client intended to.

I did this with a book on Amazon. The sales never really compensated for the loss of revenue from the order itself but they have paid for quite a few slices of revenge pizza over the years.


he has full business planning he has stuff he has office he has employees how can i implement it without all these steps


Everyone has pretty much given you the best advice already. What you need to do is take action. CONTACT GOOGLE. CONTACT APPLE. Get your work back. The money is gone. Now it’s time for the scammer to reap what he sowed. Contact any domain he sells that app and have it taken down IMMEDIATELY.


Totally agree. If he does nothing, he passively encourages that other scammers come here to do their criminal acts to other sellers. Get REVENGE, you may even get the surprise you recover some money when the scammer feel cornered.

If I developed an app and got scammed, but I couldn’t release it myself due to the lack of resources, there is a way to put things right: I would make it Open Source :slight_smile: , let people use it, let them help me with it. I would offer it freely. It’s MINE! :wink: