Is there any one month evaluation for regular buyers as well?


Is there any one month evaluation for regular buyers as well?


Nope. Although I wish there were some way to keep bad buyers out, I don’t think a monthly evaluation would be the best system for it.


That’s why I asked this question.

There should be something for them as well by evaluating there cancelation rate and other stuff they do with good sellers.


Implement a research phase before you start any of your orders and drop the buyer if during this phase you deemed they were not suitable for you.

An example of a research phase would be to ask them questions like:
1- What is your budget?
2- Have you purchased work like this before? What has been your experience?
3- Why are you getting this order?

Finding out the needs of your clients will help, well… Help them, and helping the puts you in an unique position. It allows you to pass otherwise negative experiences in favor of more positive and uplifting sells.

Hope you find this useful.
With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


It’s very difficult to define “good” sellers. Sellers sometimes suffer from analytics that will end up hurting them by no fault of their own, so metrics of the system aren’t reliable.


I remember that there was a buyer who complained he could no longer buy because he had a high cancellation rate.


Hi,no one bother to answering these questions.i means buyers.