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Is there any option for paid promotion on fiverr

Hi guys,
i just want to know Is there any option or feature for paid promotion on fiverr platform?, if yes send me info .
Thank you



There isn’t paid promotion feature on Fiverr, but you can use paid promotions on other websites to promote your gigs.

You can read more here:


can you please list down the sites who offer promotion platform, and thanks for you reply.

Most social media platforms offer paid promotion - I’m sure you’ll find all the details if you do a Google search. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @offlinehelpers

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like facebook,google +,twitter

Thanks for you reply bro, are you using these platform to promote your gig?. if yes then how much traffic you get per day from social media?

Not yet but i will decide to use these platform…

Ok, best for luck for that :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you get good results through that so please just inform me here, so i will do same thing with my gig.
Thank you

The best way to promote your gig on Google Plus,
Second is the Facebook Ads from there you will get a lot of traffic also get some client,

Sure.Thank you :wink:

are you using these platforms for your gigs?

Yes for google Plus i am using ,
And for Facebook Ads First Fiverr doing it and we get a lot of order from this advertisement so now Fiverr close these advertisement so now the sale or slow,

How much sales or traffic are you getting from google plus?

I cannot say but when i share my gig to Google plus then my impression increase day by day and when i stop gig sharing daily then it become decrease ,

Weird, fiverr doesn’t even have a ‘Share to G+’ button…

You can manually share your gig there,

I know, but still is weird that fiverr doesn’t have that button … Poor Google Plus :frowning: