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Is there any option for partial payment & delivery?

I want to know about partial payment. Suppose, If I have done 10% of the whole project and something bad (anything which cause to cancel the order) happens, then my work & time, all would be gone, & I wouldn’t get paid anything for this work.

Is there any option which can answer my question? I am new to fiver!!



No,at the moment there isn’t a way to get partially paid… the only thing that may work is to ask your buyer to place a new order of a different amount of money then cancel the current one … of course the buyer has to agree


Convince your buyer to pay for the amount of work you had already done. And create a new order of that amount, after the order is placed you can mutually cancel the bigger order.


There is… sort of. It’s called milestones. Basically as long as you completed one milestone and the buyer was fine with that, but on the next milestones you encountered issues on that part that part can be cancelled but will still get paid with the first milestone that was accepted.

You can read more about it here, its explained better:


thanks for your answer, this will be helpful for me.