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Is there any option to BLOCK a client?

Hi Guys,

I have a big problem. Please help. :disappointed_relieved:
I need to know, is there any option to block a client. I don’t want to receive messages from him.
There is a client who is a problem for us. We have done few works with him. But he always ask for many revisions than the price. But we have done all he asked because we didn’t want to destroy our reviews. Reviews are really important for all sellers, right?
so I don’t want to get messages from him and work with him.
What I need to do with this? :thinking:


Hi, CreationDaddy,

Yes! There is a way to block a person from sending any messages to you. You can do that by using either the report or spam option (whichever is suitable in your situation) beside the user’s name via Fiverr’s messaging system (inbox) or by clicking on the report option under the buyer’s message in the order page.

However, unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the buyer from placing an order with you and from contacting you via the order page in the future :crying_cat_face:

I know it can be really annoying but thankfully, annoying buyers like these are pretty rare and you should, hopefully, be able to recover from the temporary setback caused by the reduction in your stats.


Seriously? You offer unlimited revisions in both of your gigs, and you’re complaining because a buyer is asking for unlimited revisions? That buyer can keep asking for as many revisions as he wants, and you have to keep doing what he asks.

If you don’t want to keep offering revisions, change your gig policy. :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the response.It helps a lot.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response.

Of course.We give unlimited revisions. But starting service with low quality budget and ask high end product. Also add new things. Also change the script after completing the work. So those are not revisions I guess. Promise extra cash. But haven’t received yet. We do work more than he paid to keep the client happy and keep the order cancellation zero.

You could write in your gig description what is/isn’t allowed for a revision. You could also reduce the revisions in a package to something like 5 max and then have an extra for additional revisions.

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Thanks for the response.

Why would a cancellation be an issue if you’ve already done the work? Don’t cancel orders that have already been completed. Learn how to say no.


n n n nnn . . . yes :scream: :scream_cat:

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Thanks. Appreciate your idea. :+1:

Well, it’s not an idea… but it is commonsense. :wink:

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Most of us have same problem @jonbaas we fear the bad review but I like your style I see you have negative reviews means you do what they say but later many people ask fro free revisions and more work you accept their review what ever they say but take your hard earned money

Learning not to fear a bad review, will make you a better seller. :wink:

I am trying really because I get inspiration from you really! But for small orders I don’t prefer to take bad review LOL if I think that the user might give one because he did not get the unlimited changes which he wanted for nothing and not offered.

If you don’t offer unlimited revisions, then buyers cannot legally expect you to provide them. The problem is, certain sellers seem to think that unlimited revisions will bring them more sales. The truth is, all it brings them is cheap sellers who will keep asking for more work. The better thing to do is remove unlimited revisions from your gig, list a set limit (or, heck, no revisions at all!) and stand strong in your choice.

Buyers cannot take advantage of you if you don’t give them the opportunity to do so.

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I faced this problem you might not remember I posted same thing once and you and @uxreview replied same that how you expect user not to ask revision as you offer unlimitted revision so I changed for most of my packages and set limited revisions.

Have learned a lot and I can surely say today from those things and being postive made me increase my average selling price by 50%

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That’s great to hear. I am a strong advocate of sellers charging more than $5. Your work is valuable, and you should price it accordingly.

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Yes, at start for one client I worked for 2 days at just $5 LOL but learning in forum gave me courage that just reviews never matter keep price good and what you earn from 10 orders provide quality and take less orders. I did same and I earn much better with no hectic work on my head and almost no annoying buyers.

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