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Is there any option to complain about my buyer?

really disapinted with fiverr. First thing long time no work. Last order was cancel by me because of buyer was not communicate with me and didn’t provide login access to fix the issue. Now after long time I got a job but buyer is created new new problem in server end by himself and tell me to fix that issue. Now don’t accept my order and also he told me that he will cancel the order.
I really depressed about this marketplace. How I complain against my buyer? I also need that money. bcz I give time enough for this order. And also worked lot of extra.

Please suggest me. What can I do? Not taken sleep :’( .


The best suggestion I can give you is to hang in there. We all go through the initial frustrations when we start something new. I am new to Fiverr as well and sometimes get a little frustrated, but I know that only those that persevere will become successful. If you keep trying, things will work out. Just hang in there.


I am not familiar with your service, but is there a way of putting a link to some examples of your previous work on your Fiverr ad? That may help to influence clients decision to purchase your gig.

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This is not solution actually, Fiverr should neutral with seller and buyer as well.

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i agree. because no job comes without frustration. i have been here since 2013 and have gone through hundreds of crazy and hard to work with - buyers. think about a long run other than a grab and do mind. :slight_smile:


Contact to Cs , tell them about your problem hope so they’ll help you

No they don’t help. Last time I contact support. They always help buyer.

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I too faced the same problem a few days ago.

Yes this is a shit, some buyers just drive you crazy and there is no wrights for seller here on fiverr, the most find a solution for this or i won’t work on fiverr again