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Is there any option to deactivate account for sometime?

Hello, I am not getting any sale on Fiverr, that’s why I lost my confidence and not focusing on this platform.

Because of that my response rate is going down and reach 6 hours. I just want to know that, is there any option to deactivate account for sometime.

Because I want to learn some new things, which help me to take more sales on Fiverr.

Please help me. I am waiting for your advice.


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You can go to your profile page and turn on “out of the office” mode

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Not getting a job is normal. If you stick to it, work will come. Arrange your gig well. Increase the skill further. When you get a job, the response rate will increase.
If you still want to deactivate the account, you can deactivate the account from My Account by going to Settings. And of course when deactivating, let it be known that you will come back to fever again.

Please don’t spread misinformation. If you are de acting your account then you can not reopen it. Deactivation is PERMANENT.

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Thanks for your kind information.