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Is There Any Place on Fiverr Where I can Find Buyers for My Services


Hello, Friend please let me know is there any place where i can find buyer for Android, iOS and Website Development.


i think the best way find the client for Fiverr is social media. people spend a lot of time and they are looking for developer. For example, go twitter and write “I need a android app developer” in the search box and go for search. You can see lot of people need an app, reply there post and message them with your gig link. Maybe it helps you to the got client. :slight_smile:


If you spam people you don’t know on Twitter, they are likely to block you.


They are looking for a developer so if you give them the message then it will not be spam, they like to get the message from the developer. And i am not told to use any software to sending message many people at a time. Hope you got my point :slight_smile:


yes here you will get everything just go to top menu…select programming & tech for web sites. digital marketing for mobile. dropdown menu will open where you can get your desire service .you can also search your service throgh bar
thank you


@alice_alie He is looking for the buyer, not seller. The process you told it is the way of finding seller.


I get your point. The thing is, people who mention that they need something usually look for recommendations from friends (unless they state in their tweet “if you’re a developer, message me”).

I wouldn’t trust a random stranger who messaged me and told me to hire him.


@catwriter oh ok. actually most of the people on twitter like anyone can follow him/her. so if he posts such thing then his follower can give him the message.
I am also web developer on Fiverr and I got my first client from Twitter in this way. He brought my lot of gig after i done his 1st project.
Maybe there are some different in thought of people


I am a seller and want some buyers for my services.


Totally agree with you bro. Facebook is one of the best way to get clients and I got many clients from facebook. But with Fiverr I did not get any client.


how to get clients from facebook…?


stay online and keep apply buyer request.


You can tell people about your gigs on Fiverr by posting a link under the category “My Fiverr Gigs” in the forum. If you go to “Selling” at the top of the Fiverr main page you can check “Buyer Requests” to see if anyone is looking for your services.


I have long suspected that there might be a correlation between doing this and what in scientific literature they sometimes term, ‘HAVING A BRAIN.’

Thank you for helping me prove this hypothesis. :slight_smile:


Could you please explain more?


just make your Facebook i.d with complete description. attach your fiver account link their .like and follow people more and more .and would obviously get a jov


Great information to find traffic from buyer’s.


You could join an online marketing forum and put your gig link in your signature (if that’s allowed).

However you decide to market yourself online, just remember to focus on giving and not receiving. We all want buyers, but customers aren’t interested in our financial situation. They’re interested in what they’ll get out of interacting with us.


Yes You are right Sandy. My Fiverr was dead from April. Forum Submission is a great way to engage the people and getting attention. Thank You for your presence. Maybe I will find someone who could be interested to my services.


Sure…Sara…I am doing that. And hope to find someone who will be interested in my services. Thank you for Suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: