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Is there any place to complain about fiverr CS?


My order has been cancelled after 4 months without even consulting with me or asking me anything . The buyer told CS that four months ago delivered ordered was not completed so please cancel the order and a Fiverr CS lady has cancelled my order without asking me any single thing .I don’t know which policy she followed in doing so .This is a huge unfair with me , I earned that money after doing the complete job . I need to complain about this , Where i can ? Is there any place for sellers here to listen to them ?

I have all proof that i completed the task , there is complete conversation about it, There must be someone that will listen to US(Sellers).


Try raising a ticket with CS and telling them that you completed the order properly and you could attach screenshots of the proof.


Everything did . This is a clear violation of fiverr own TOS . Fiverr can only cancel the order after 13 days of completion and not after that . How CS has cancelled my order and after FOUR months . Yeah literally after 4 months , This is not charge back this is order cancelled by CS .

Is there any number where i can contact with any responsible person ??


I’ve read here on the forums that Fiverr sometimes has disputed charges from their 3rd party vendors that force them to refund the buyer. (merchant at that point)

For instance, if someone used a stolen credit card, or stolen PayPal account to order your gig, if the owner of the card or paypal account disputes the charge, Fiverr has no choice but to refund it. It’s the law.

I believe there is a line about this in the TOS…


Paypal chargeback could be a possibility?


@abauer5188 @offlinehelpers Borthers this is not charrge back … This is delibrate deletion by CS on request by buyer after 4 months that the order is not completed means after 4 months of delivered order .


What was it that you sold this buyer?


It’s Profit & Loss statement that was delivered properly and also the buyer get it reviewed by her CPA and authorized it .

But here the point is that it is 4 months ago . Which policy is stating this that the buyer can come after 4 months and can claim that the order was not completed and cancel it ? Further CS has also cancelled it , HOW?

Can your buyer come for the order completed before 4 months or 6 months or before and can ask the CS to cancel the order because order was not completed?


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I believe you but without knowing the details that customer support used to make the decision about it I can’t really comment.


Did the buyer say anything to you about it after you delivered it?


I’ve had the same where a buyer I told not to order from me ordered anyway to force me to do the work and then attempted to cancel. I said no and the order was canceled by CS anyway. There is no recourse on this one, I’m afraid.

The only way around this is to try and vet people better yourself. That said, it would be interesting to know what exactly a buyer has to say to CS to get their order refunded if CS can see that work was delivered. I personally can’t see why they would give in just to keep scammers feeling warm and fuzzy inside. In this case, I presume there are some magic legal words or accusations of impropriety which buyers use in their complaint.


Maybe it depends on if the buyer is one who regularly spends a lot on fiverr and I know they also look at the reputation of the seller to make a decision sometimes.


I have completed more than 100 orders but not from even a single buyer there is any complaint that i didn’t complete the work . I don’t know my reputation but this is not fair that even the order completed before 1 year , i still have to worry about it .


In fairness, people/scammers who go this far are a rarity. It might be an experience to just quickly forget about BUT do watch out for buyers asking for similar work who have just joined Fiverr. If a scammer thinks you do good work and knows they can get that work FOC, they may try to engage with you again via a different account and username created specifically for that purpose.


I agree. Scammers don’t come back after four months to complain to fiverr customer support usually. They would not have refunded it without a reason in my opinion although as I said I believe you, I have no idea what happened.


My order has been cancelled too. It was delivered 28 days ago. He gave me 5 stars review + tips. I don’t understand how this can be possible and why! I can’t find anymore the buyer’s profile and no message from him for cancelling the order.


In your case since the buyer’s account on fiverr is gone, what happened is called a chargeback where the buyer notified his credit card company to cancel the charge. For that fiverr automatically cancels the buyers account. This happens to all sellers sometimes and nothing can be done about it.


I think it is better to upload all the screenshots of your conversation with that buyer to Fiverr CS team. Fiverr may not refund you back that amount but they can at least block him/her from Fiverr if he/she is a scammer.