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Is there any place to market our gigs except social media?


Please tell me are there any platforms where we can market our fiver gigs except socal medias??? I mean like a forum/blog ???

Many thanks


You’re free to create your own blog, network with users of other blogs, and advertise on certain forums. Always read a site’s terms of service to make sure they’re comfortable with your intended form of marketing.


You can try out communities where your potential customers hang out, but personally I don’t have much faith in that and here’s why.

  • You can’t just blast your gig link and expect sales. Most likely you’ll be blocked for spamming
  • Building an authority on any community takes time and a lot of effort. I’m not talking about days or weeks, it can take months before the community members remember your name.
  • Even when you do all the hard work and bring the buyer here, there’s nothing stopping them from buying someone else.
  • It’s also not easy to sell your service to people who are not really looking for your service.

Here on Fiverr you have sellers & buyers. It’s much easier to sell your service on Fiverr because you don’t need to convince them of buying the service. Most of them have already decided to buy, you just need to make the right offer.

So my advice would be improving your gigs here on Fiverr.


Thanks for sharing this post, it is very helpful


thanks a lot for the kind advice.