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Is there any possibilities to get featured?


I am running just one gig here from OCT 15, I always try to deliver best quality service :heart_eyes_cat: to my clients. As i can see fiverr only select new gig as featured, Thats why i want to know, still is there any possibilities to get featured on fiverr?

Waiting for your kind response. :smiley:


Hey zahid, well i would recommend you to send as much buyer requests to the clients that offer works, don’t go for the hacks go for hard work, hard work counts and stay online! :slight_smile: Goodluck buddy!


My gig are always showing top position of search result. And this is why i got enough selling on it. And my topics was about the possibilities of getting featured.
Thanks for your kind reply :smiley:
have a great day


No, there is nothing you can do to be featured on Fiverr. I’ve talked to Fiverr directly about this, and they have clarified that featured gigs are manually chosen by them. They decide who they think should be featured. Asking to be featured, begging for additional visibility (as many new sellers do)… none of that will happen. My advice is to not worry about being featured. Just be a great seller, and deliver great work to your clients that is worthy of positive reviews.


Appreciate it. Thanks for your advice :smiley:


Getting featured now will not boost your gig they way it used to back when, if you were featured, you stayed featured. (Top of results in rotation with other featured gigs)

Right now, I don’t know how long it lasts but judging from my personal experience it wouldn’t help much.

My personal advice to you and any other seller who is willing to take it:

When sales are scarce, or not coming at all, always rely on your means to make it happen. Scan BR, change tags, improve description, upgrade profile pic, make new gig images, try your best to polish your offering.

And during downtime, always try your best to practice and improve your craft.


Just to add to what Frank_D says, if you can, cultivate other ways of earning money outside Fiverr. It’s a great platform, but having all your freelance eggs in one basket can be a little risky. Use Fiverr to complement other independent freelance services you offer, either as a solo freelancer or through other platforms. It’s one of the best ways to build multiple, resilient income streams and means you aren’t solely reliant upon one area to make ends meet.


Yes exactly! Thanks @paulmaplesden for adding to that.

I was only thinking about what a new seller can do here on Fiverr but having multiple sources of income is of course a given for a modern freelancer! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your nice advice @frank_d
Will you please take a quick survey to my gig, just make sure is everything alright?


Thanks for your suggestion @paulmaplesden


I’m sorry I don’t do that… :slight_smile: @blaisefaint has a great system for checking gigs though!


not worries at all :smiley: @frank_d


Seems to be hard! I’ve been offering top quality for 6 years soon, yet none of my gigs have been featured ever :thinking:


Thanks, it gave me courage


Frank I just ran across a similar post related to the differences in CS correspondence and upping status. I remember being moved to the featured position and watching my work go from 2 orders a day to an overwhelming amount. Writing and recording 15 to 20 songs a day (especially one’s that people can live with forever) was rewarding and taxing. I loved it.
Now, with packages we can breathe easier and make far more with better material. To that end I appreciate the set up now. But I did really enjoy my correspondence with CS. It was a way different world in 2013.


Ha! Yes! It was waaay different back then. What a difference 4 years and a $60 mil round of funding will make!

Back then you could straight up ask cs to bump your gig’s position or ask them to consider you for TRS!

It was a simpler time.


You could and I did lol. I would talk over coffee with CS and we’d shoot interesting and weird gigs back and forth. I loved the entire experience. I also made some pretty good associations here in the forums. In that regard, things haven’t changed too much. Still incredibly knowledgeable people to learn from who are gracious with their time.


@frank_d Could you please mention that in what other else site i can make freelance from like fiverr? Would be much grateful to you if could know from you my dear friend.


No I’m sorry there are no other websites currently that will allow for you to illegally resell templates you do not own the rights for.


Are you getting fear dear? I promise, i will not make down your exclusive business.