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Is there any possibility that the buyer itself can edit their Feedback?


If Buyer gives less than 5 stars review By mistake. and “He/She says I have given this review by mistake. How can I modify the review again.” so is there any way Buyer can modify review by himself without sending “Review Modification request” to the buyer from our side? Need Suggestions. Thank you


No they can’t edit it unless you send a request for that in the resolution center.


If Buyer by Mistake give less than 5 stars review. then he/she cannot change it by himself? or there is any other solution present without sending him/her review modification request?


No…there is not.


can buyer modify review by contacting with customer support?


Sellers are not entitled to 5-star reviews. Reviews of less than 5 stars are rarely a mistake.

No. Customer Support does not change seller reviews. If a buyer leaves a review, that is the review you keep. As @misscrystal noted, you can request that a buyer changes a review, but they do not have to accept your request.


You might have to bite the bullet here as in my personal experience no buyer wants to have to go through to customer support just to change a mistake on their review.


It has a limit to apply here for upgrade one’s review or feedback.


Can you please think reverse! buyer rated 5-star review. Can s/he, later on, edit it to less than 5 stars?


All you have to do is go to resolution center and request order feedback revision. If you are 100% sure that this was a mistake contact the buyer to accept the request and post his 5 stars review.

This happened to me once before and the buyer changed his review from 4.5-stars to 5-stars.


No - not without you, as the seller, initiating it, which I presume you wouldn’t do. :wink:


Definitely I wouldn’t. thanks