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Is there any possibility to become TOP rated Seller without participating in Forum?



I m Second level seller on fiverr right now, Few days ago i got one notification in my profile, it was from fiverr support level evaluation.

So i m preparing for Top Rated Seller, But i have query that is there any possibility to become TRS without participating forum ?

Is there anyone who become TRS, but they hadn’t participated on Forum ?


Me :slight_smile: [20 characters]


I am also interested in knowing.


Yes. Almost all of the Top Rated Sellers. Participating on the forum isn’t a requirement for becoming a Top Rated Seller. Several Top Rated Sellers started participating on the forum only after they got their shiny new badges.


Thanks you @writer99025 and @catwriter for your reply. It increased my confidence.


Me. I had never participated on the forum until after I became one.

There are

no more than four that regularly participate on the forum as far as I know.


Who am I leaving out? (I don’t usually look at seller’s levels who participate on the forum so I really don’t know what level most people are.)


S.W.S.N.B.N - Of course.


Of course … I wasn’t sure if I could include her but she does participate still. And technically she has now reached an even more exalted level of PRO.


Something I have noticed about Top Rated Sellers is that they all communicate very well, although I have not communicated with more than a few.

I think that if there is poor communication in some way it might hurt a seller’s chances of becoming TRS.


Thank you for your reply. Excited to be top rated seller.


I think Fiverr want people spent their time 70% on forum and 30% their gigs


Me. I rarely post on forum, before the forum redesigned it’s Pain in the Xss to read and post. Now it’s much better.


Fiverr does not require sellers to use the Fiverr forum. There is no requirement whatsoever, stating that buyers/sellers have to do anything here on the forums. The forums are just here for those who wish to communicate, interact, and ask questions.

Activity on the forums has nothing to do with you gigs, gig ranking, gig success, etc.

This is just a forum – a community of Fiverr users.


Participation on the forum is not necessary to become TRS, but helping other peoples and participating in a creative discussion can bring the attention of a Fiverr editor to you.


No, this is incorrect. Participation on the Fiverr is not necessary for any seller level. There are no direct gig benefits to any kind of participation on these forums. You might gain knowledge and ideas from other users, but your not going earn any seller level just because you post on the forums. The forums are not, in any way, connected to your gig.

And no, it is not likely that forum participation will be noticed by a Fiverr editor. Forum use is not going to get you promoted, or make you famous with “Fiverr editors”. This is just a forum for discussion, nothing more.

Please don’t make claims that are untrue.


I never said participation is necessary to become TRS or it will benefit your gigs :smirk:, please read again.

All I have said is that participating can bring the attention of a Fiverr editor to you.

How can you be so sure that participation will not get noticed by a Fiverr editor?


And I said, no, this is unlikely to happen. “Fiverr editors” are not hanging out on the forums waiting for users to impress them. The people who work at Fiverr have better things to do.

Participation (within the rules of the forums) isn’t going to get you noticed, and it certainly isn’t going to improve your gig ratings or visibility in any way. I know this because I am familiar with the rules of the forum, I am familiar with how Fiverr works, CS has commented on this privately and to other users, the Mods have made statements about this in the past as well, and I, myself, was once one of those mods.

I know, with near certainty, that your forum participation is not linked to the success, ranking, or visibility of your gig(s). These are just forums. This is just a place to chat, discuss and hang out with other Fiverr users.


I am again saying the same things :smirk:, participation isn’t going to help me achieve TRS or improve my gig ratings or visibility, I know that and I have stated the same (hope these bold lines get your attention).

But I firmly believe that Fiverr Mods follow these forum discussions and notice who share their knowledge to help other Fiverr users achieve success.

Getting noticed does not mean you will become TRS.


Very well, if you don’t want to listen to me, then I’ll let one of the forum Mods take up the baton. They’ll likely tell you the same things I have. @eoinfinnegan or @fonthaunt : this guy needs a dose of Mod reality. :wink:


I didn’t participate that much when I was promoted.