Is there any possible way to increase the Page Views



Just curious to know that is there any specific way to increase the page views? Does page views affect our sales?

Need experts’ advice.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


Waiting patiently for replies to this.


People don’t usually look in Tips for Sellers to answer questions, they look their for tips to sell, so I moved your post out of the incorrect category where people might see it for discussion. My own answer is that it seems page views would be a necessity for sales since people have to see your gigs to buy them. Increasing them is SEO and marketing.

Make sure you’ve tried keywords that make your gig show up when people search for what you sell and promote your gig off-Fiverr to audiences that might be interested. There are gigs you can purchase to help you market or optimize your own gig too, though I’d make sure you’ve done what you can first. If you haven’t been through the other tips on the forum and in the Fiverr Academy, be sure you try those.


@fonthaunt Thank you so much for moving this thread in appropriate catagory, and more thanks for your tips. I’m really very grateful to you, I’m definitely gonna try these things.

I had only tried the tags thing so far but I’ll see what best I can do with your tips.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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