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Is there any Pro Fiverr Seller who can review my profile?

Is there any Pro Fiverr Seller? who can review my all gigs and give me a valuable suggestion?

I just want your 2 minutes from your busy routine. I shall be very thankful to you. :innocent::heavy_check_mark:

I’m a new seller on Fiverr and not getting any orders.
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Everyone here is an experience member. Although not a pro seller, anyone can give you good advice . I saw your gig , I told someone yesterday, Make the cover image of your gig more attractive Add to some information in your gig cover image .Than you are more likely to get an order (From my experience). Also try to stay active for 24 hours and have a be patient . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Thankyou so much :heart_eyes:


Are you giving same advice to everyone?

Which gig image you didn’t like? What part of that image on his gig did you find unattractive? What he has to do to make it attractive?


After seeing his reply, I’m too depressed because I spent at least 15 days to create my all gigs images. :worried:

When, however, the main topics are the same, the advice will be much the same. And, what I’m saying is very effective for beginners. Hope you understand . What it says, many have success to my advice.

If you watch some of this relatable gig you will understand . My point is to do a cover image show that the client sees and is impressed with .

I’m talking for your good. Without patience, you will not succeed . Create a new gig with your talent by Research different gigs . Hope to be a success

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No it’s not. This seller created topic in “improve my gig” category and is asking for a specific advice not a generic thing that can be found all over the forum. Especially without looking at his gig.
I would actually say that his gig pictures are pretty decent and at some points even better than yours :woman_shrugging:

Saying to create “attractive image” is the same generic as saying “bring me food”. What kind of food? Which cuisine? Spicy or not? Main, second or appetisers? Fast food or restaurant?

Attractive image can mean whatever. For different people attractive means totally different things. Someone will be attracted by neon signs and someone will say that it’s tasteless and they want something elegant and classy.

“Attractive image” is a totally useless advice without any other details that tailored for his own gig.


I’m telling you what I think is best. I think you can give me better advice. Without arguing with me, share the best advice you have. . Hope my advice didn’t hurt anyone . I want the good

I already did. If you are giving advice don’t give a generic one. :point_down:

You quite demotivated him with no reason even without looking at his gig pictures. If you really think that his gig images are not attractive then you should point out things you thought are unattractive so he can fix that.


I didn’t confuse him at all.No one comes here to mislead anyone…I reply the gig after seeing it . I am happy if any of these suggestions benefit.Some of the gig didn’t look attractive/interesting to me. so I gave this advice (Make the cover image of your gig more attractive). I’ll try to give my best advice.

Thank you

So why you just don’t answer this simple questions?

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Just Check out this gig ( and See others’ gigs . Then you can understand yourself , The idea of ​​making comparisons will come in a more interesting way . That is, a lot of Idea will come out to create attractive new gigs . This is Simple way . :slightly_smiling_face:

You still didn’t say what wrong with his image :woman_shrugging:

I still don’t see anything drastically wrong with his images. They are bright, they are capturing the service that he is providing and colours are also matching each other. For a non designer it’s a good image.

So what exactly unattractive you saw in that image?

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Do you not understand my word ??? :upside_down_face: I did not say there was any fault in his image. Take a good look at what I’m saying :laughing:

I told her, to make the cover image more attractive and Stay active for 24 hours

That’s exactly what you said. You said that his gig image is unattractive and he should change it and compare with other gigs.

I can understand exactly what you are saying unless you can not express yourself correctly. Though there is no way to misunderstand “your image is not attractive you should make it more attractive”.

If You think that there is nothing wrong with his image then why he should change it?

Exactly. If you are telling him to make his image more attractive it means that right now it’s not attractive and he should change something. What exactly he should change???

Totally bogus advice. When he is supposed to sleep? And even he will stay online 24 hours refreshing his page it doesn’t mean it will help him to rank his gig. All he will do is to waste his time.


Not bogus advice.You have no idea .Can be active in a variety of ways . I remain active for 24 hours. The more active you are, the more the client’s knock will get …

Sorry, which one is correct? No fault, or unattractive and should be made better?


Let’s see, you have only 10 reviews and I completed more than 1000 orders…
You are no level seller and I’m a level 2 seller for quite a long time.
So I do know what I’m talking about.
Buyers can message you anytime no matter if you are online or not, that’s the whole point of fiverr.

And when do you sleep?