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Is there any problem If i change a little on my GIG?


Still, now I am scared I have read too many articles on this forum where someone said it would be a problem and someone said no problem you can edit you’re gig a little bit. I talked to some of my friends they told me the same thing. where can I get the best answer?


It’s all very simple: You can change your gig if you need to, and actually getting the formula right for your gig can bring you more orders. However after you change your gig it will go through moderation for a short period of time and during that time it wouldn’t be displayed in the search. But it will catch up with the same statistics in a few days after making a change.


Thanks, suppose my gig was in first page of first row so in this case after editing my gig will be back on that place?


Well, no one can really promise you that :wink: fiverr system is a “gamble” but that’s an observation from many people.


so i am not gonna edit :thinking:


Edit your Gig mindfully. If you feel you can make your Gig clearer and more persuasive, then edit it. A well-presented Gig will serve you far better over the long run than temporary search placement, which will probably change in a few days.

Just make sure you edit with a clear purpose in mind, because editing isn’t without risk.


thnak you @ahmwritingco