Is there any problem in Fiverr today?


Hi, Today Fiverr is wired. Not working well. Do anyone have this problem?



You mean weird? :slight_smile:

To answer your question, everything is good from my end. :slight_smile:


yes,. weird. Sorry for the misspell. I got confused. Thanks for the response.


That happens to me too sometimes. I knew what you meant to write, but I was just teasing, sorry :grin: :slight_smile:


It’s okay. :grinning::grin:
Thanks for showing my mistakes.


Well I can’t seem to log in online and the app won’t load any order or conversations… I’ll keep and eye in this, hopefully fiverr are just doing some maintenance work.


There was some downtime earlier but it looks resolved now.


same as me. :slight_smile:


It’s working, then not for me. I’ve just delivered a set of orders, but had to refresh multiple times to see the order page, and then to deliver.

So it’s “working”, but inconsistent for me.

Try refreshing the browser a couple times. If it doesn’t work, wait 5 minutes, then do it again…


I’m sure there are many others too. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon as I can see I have a few messages in my inbox that need answering. I wonder if the delay in responding to buyers due to fiverr downtime actually affects the reply rating…?


It was down on and off for half an hour just now as I was trying to deliver an order but now is back.


It’s down, then it’s back but slow, a few minutes later it’s down again, then back when I refresh the page…


okay. sure.thanks. :+1:


Thanks for all your responses.
Yes. Let’s hope this will fix soon.


I hope it will not affect for reply ratings. Try refreshing and reply soon.


The exorcism I performed tonight was the culprit. :imp: Just as I hit deliver.


I hope you hydrated well, I heard that’s an important part of exorcising. I had some outages here too, so you managed to cover a wide area. Well done.


Thank you. They get mad and take as much revenge as possible when they leave. (:smiling_imp:)


1st attempted login: nothing happened (no action after the button was pressed).
2nd attempted login: sat there for a while and then I got a server maintenance message.
3rd attempted login: login form was slightly different, set there for a while, server maintenance message with a title of “Back Rub Mode!” (really Fiverr? That’s more than a little bizarre.) and then when I refreshed I was logged in.

I really really hope I’m not in “back rub mode”. :unamused:


And why did they name it Back Rub Mode?