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Is there any problem in search?

I saw the search is showing irrelevant results, My gig is even not appearing in search result, the gigs which have nothing to do with keywords appears.

yep…i usually get 5-10 orders per day…but i havnt get 1 in last 3-4 days…really really disappointing. I sent them a massage about 2 hours ago…a reply is yet to come

ya its very difficult to understand their search algorithm

are they fixing it?

thnx for the info bro…hope they fix it soon…

is there an “official” problem with search, I could not find it ? Do they tell something ?

I sell “fishing guest posts” and when I search “fishing” I got some really nonsense results on top and my gig is somewhere down. (when I list by rating) and my rating is 100% for that gig with 26 thumbs up!

I’ve been frustrated in dealing with Fiverr customer support for a few days now over a similar issue I have with my gig keyword tags. They claim there is no problem. I contend that there is a big problem.

Their fix was to “consider…advertising your gig in social networks” (which I already do) and that "would help in making your gig more visible in Fiverr search."

I know advertising makes make my gig more visible to the world in general but I see no correlation to why it would affect Fiverr search results??? Am I crazy?

Here is a link to the Thread I started if you want to see what I’ve been dealing with.

Currently I am running a very comprehensive test of Title, Description and Keyword Tags to test my hypothesis. I’m going to give it a day or two in order to let the search algorithm do its thing then I will post the results.

Fiverr SEARCH problem may be fixed. Please check my thread for more details.


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