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Is there any problem with my gig/account?

Hi there,
Is there any problem with my gig? I completed my gig last month but till now i don’t get any order in Fiverr. I give my account link below. Please check it and please please help me out…

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Well, there is nothing really wrong with your gigs. Apart from both of them duplicated. You have 2 same gigs for business cards design and two for a logo design. And duplicated gigs are not allowed in fiverr.

On other note your gigs from the first glance looks ok, but there are thousands people with the same service, same styles and same mock ups as on your gigs. For business cards I see every second designer here showing the same mockups that any of your clients can download from the internet.
For the logo design: on one of your gigs you are using quite a letter B which stolen from the internet from other logo design. (And that’s from the first glance, I didn’t even check the rest of your logos)

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Thank you so much for your advice… I will surely make changes…Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check if your gigs are appearing in search. I had a previous experience when my gig disappeared from search. Support will help you with that happened.

Yes, you are right…my gigs are disappeared from search… How can I get rid from this problem?..please help…

It should be a bug. If you contact support, they will fix that but you have to make sure it is not visible. Please go on the last few pages because my gigs jumped there in the last month.