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Is there any risk to share our fiverr profile in social platforms?

I have a little question,

fiverr always says us to promote our gigs in social medias, but I have seen few posts in online forums which saying people can report our profiles for nothing, actually I have faced to a same situation few days ago someone sent me spam messages by asking paypal or whatever I reported him and blocked, and also I have noticed He’s profile from my same country.

what’s the solution for this ?

they can find our name, details when We are posting something on facebook so they can easily do things.

any advice?

The solution is not to spam your links on social media sites. If you absolutely must promote on social media, there are ethical ways of doing so that do NOT involve spamming your gig links and hoping someone clicks them. I bet if you did an online search for social media marketing, you would find many great articles on the topic.

If you’re doing things the right way, you are less likely to be reported.


There are several ways to promote your profile in social networking site, use it properly @codepanda

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Thank you ! I will have a look