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Is there any safety issue if I use wifi connection at University?

A friend came to our house, she has a Fiverr app account active on her mobile, I asked her to use my wifi if she wanted to use youtube, but she said, for Fiverr app account safety/policy does not allow me to use your wifi. But she said, she is not sure about this policy, to remain on the safer side, she was not using my wifi.

Could you please explain what is Fiverr policy in this regard, because I may go to university, or friend place, my mobile gets automatically connected with wifi there, and I have the fiverr app active on my mobile?


I mean the wifi connection shouldn’t be a problem. Fiverr only has a problem, if you log into two or more different accounts on the same device. I use Fiverr while in university freely and my fiance, who lives with me, is also apart of Fiverr, so we share wifi. But I might not be the most qualified to answer. Because usually it’s determined by IP addresses. And each device has its own.


Same problem here

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@shadelily thank you so much