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Is there any Sales drop during December Usually?


This is my first December on fiverr. Due to holidays and festivals during December most of the people around the world are having some holidays… I was not active on fiverr about 1 month due to several personal issues after reaching back I am not getting a single order…Is this normal in December or is that due to my inactivity?


yah even my sales have dropped during december :s

I guess its because of the holidays that people arnt really buying because they need to spend that money on gifts.



Thanks for your reply I thought that is due to my inactivity. If it is natural in Decembers let’s give a fresh start from January


Yes, it’s normal due to festive session.


Yeah the same here !


@bigvee and @kadaayoub

Thank You for your reply then I’ll wait till festival season finished


3 years here.

December is always dead month for me.