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Is there any secret for fiverr?

Is there any secret for fiverr? What is the main parameter that boost your gig? favorite? impression? title?

I see now a days everybody do the best for a gig. Before publish everybody check about the seo , image title, descrption etc carefully.

So again i want to know
What is the main parameter that boost your gig? favorite? impression? title?

Any suggestion will be great.

Thanks @summerof_69


If we told you then it wouldn’t be a secret any more though!


yes. I should say as open secret. LOL @eoinfinnegan


Favourites don’t affect your gig’s ranking position.

It would make no sense for Fiverr to base a gig’s ranking position on the number of impressions it receives. This is because the number of impressions a gig receives is almost completely dependent on its ranking position.

Such a strategy would be circular. The highest ranked gigs would receive the most impressions, naturally, so would always stay the highest ranked gigs.

Your title, ideally, would contain a keyword, which would be repeated in your description and tags. This is just good SEO practice, though, which has been explicitly recommended by Fiverr. It’s not a hidden secret for boosting your gig.


Do or do not. There is no secret. <(°.°)>


@ahmwritingco Thanks for your detail reply. Still i am confused. when some one get a job after making the gig. in a short time and someones gig wait for months. Getting first knock with in very short time is not an accident, i think.


@miiila Thank You. Getting first knock with in very short time is not an accident, i think.

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Probably not in many cases, probably it is in some cases, there is still no secret, though. If you want people to knock in a short time, paint your door in a colour they can’t resist knocking.
It’s like with everything else, anywhere else.

You need a marketable skill, you need to present it attractively, ask prices that make people want to buy, stand out among your competition if there is more competition than people wanting to buy, you need to be ready to work hard, smart, or preferably both, you can advertise your gigs in a smart way (i.e. don’t spam social media but advertise where potential buyers are and in a way that makes them curious/want to click/buy - plus in a way that makes the social media, forum or wherever you advertise not want to ban you), … there are lots of things you can do but none of them are secrets. All common sense and ideas and tips readily available in lots of business books, on the forum and the internet at large.

There are no secrets or tricks, never mind how often people ask for them. It’s just research, apply, trial and error, …


You’re right. I’d say most of the time it’s not an accident.

A seller does need to be seen, and there are some techniques for appealing to the robots, but a seller also needs to motivate the buyer who sees them to click their gig, read their description, and push a button.

The mistake many newbies make when they first come to Fiverr is they focus too much on the robots and neglect to think about what the human beings using the site want.


It isn’t an accident. People get orders because they create value and they stand out.

There are many explanations for why people don’t get orders. The main one is that they create gigs that have more supply than demand, repetitive gigs that don’t stand out at all. If you create a logo or a background removal gig, it’s unlikely it will sell.

You won’t get sales until you learn how sales works. Do your research.


Today there are 73,722 logo gigs with which to compete and there are 18,541 background removal gigs up and running.

Of the 73,722 logo gigs there are 58,238 level 0 sellers.

Of the 18541 background removal gigs, 15,889 are level 0 sellers.


Almost anyone with a computer can make a logo. That doesn’t mean that they do it well.

Fiverr does notice the one out of thousands with outstanding abilities and in some cases will promote them to top rated seller status in a year.

If someone who never made logos comes along on fiverr and decides to make logos the chances of them being successful are slim.

The secret is to have a real talent, ability and experience.


Yes, there is a lot of secret for boosting your gig. You have to discover those secrets by yourself. Nobody will tell you those things. You have to research more and more on Fiverr. Then you will find out those secrets. Recently I applied one secret way but It takes almost 6 months to apply this hot cake.

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thank you so much dear…have a good day

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@ahmwritingco Thank you. Right you are. everybody wants to help and same things sometimes confused. And you told me the simple equation. Helpful.

@miiila ha ha. Yes. It describe all i think. :clap:

People says in youtube that spread your links anywhere as much as possible. This will bring you a lot of impressions and which is good for any gig to boost faster.

@ahmwritingco Thank You. motivating buyer is a nice term. This idea is the key. :clap::+1:

i agree. And the demand supply issue started couple of years ago. I think it depends on professionalism . Do you think that always there is a place for experts , no matter the competition is tough .

@change_maker Thank You!