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Is there any Seller Protection


Hello people!
I am just a small seller on this platform working hard. I always thank Fiverr for giving this marketplace where I have customers buying my services and ultimately helping me grow day by day.
Everything is perfect except the Seller’s Protection which should not be.

I recently had an experience where my buyer gave me a poor rating for no reason. Yes, actually no reason. Not saying because I am the seller but there was no reason at all for such a down rated feedback.
If Fiverr gives me a chance I can even show all the conversations, records and everything to prove my NO mistake thing. The buyer received his work on time, absolutely correct work in one go, no modifications at all and he himself was happy to have received that work. I am really not sure why he shared that feedback.

Now, if I try to contact support, they’ll be helpless.
If I raise a request to the client for modification in the feedback, there are 2 things (both not in my or seller’s favour)–

  1. There are chances that the buyer will revise the review but what’s the assurance that he’ll do in a positive way. What if he makes that review poorer? Right now it’s 2.7 for no reason, what if it’s 1 later?
    Actually why would he imrpove it when he never gave a positive one for correct thing?

  2. Even if taking a risk and applying for this request, Fiverr tells me that I might get change in placements and they might restrict me with certain things.

So in a way, I am spoiled no matter what I do. What’s my safety here as a seller when am representing Fiverr as a seller?

I mean why a buyer is like god when he has an option to post a feedback. We do work for them, but posting unnecessary false feedbacks? Is that doable or acceptable?

One fake/false feedback spoils the profile of a seller who’s working hard. Not just me but all thw sellers out there must be a little worried about this all the time. Why can’t we all have a safe mode for us?

I am not going to lower my ethical standards and show my anger to the client for his feedback but it’s real hard to accept and let it go. I at least should have a genuine reason. Just because you’re a buyer, with that proud you can’t be a boss.

As I said in the starting, I am just a small seller here on big platform. There’re very good experienced sellers, I would really like to hear from them or Fiverr if possible.



You are allowed to send him a message and ask him if you could improve what you delivered to him as far as I know in the resolution center. You can then say if you improve what he got from you would he be willing to improve his review.


If it’s any consolation, I’m a buyer and when I see such generic, system generated response, I ignore it.

It means nothing to me. If the buyer had issues, I expect him to write about it. I see this as either fake or laziness, by the client.

You have tons if great reviews. I would see those as legit. Frankly, I doubt that one will affect you all that much, if any. I know it bothers you and I don’t blame you at all.

I wish you the best for great success. :grinning:


Thanks misscrystal for yohr valuable suggestion.
Yes I can go to resolve now but that’s where it’ll still be a problem because the buyer can lower the rating that what it is now and when I do this (ask the buyer to modify the feedback), for some not sure reason Fiverr will restrict my profile.

And you know what, I don’t mind making changes in the design if there was a need but strange point is that the design is perfect and the buyer was happy about it. That’s what my concern is, he gave poor ratings even after he was happy.


Think you’re right!
I should just ignore it maybe.