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Is there any specific timing for Buyer Request?



I am quite new to Fiverr. I regularly visit Buyer Request section but I have not seen any request till now except “No request”. Is there any specific timing for It?


No. There are sellers who will tell you that there are and if you ask them to post it, you’ll see times all over the place that would only apply to those seller’s time zones even if they were true. I have not seen any really set timing for BR. Where I live they do seem to refresh during the night, but it’s sure nothing I could count on.

I would keep two things in mind. One is that you don’t have to be one of the first people to bid to win a request. You DO need to have one of the very best proposals and it doesn’t hurt to be in the first 10-15 bids. I think I’ve won around 50 BR and with some of those I didn’t bid until there were already 25 requests, but I wrote proposals that were not generic, showed my interest and expertise in the job, and really made the buyer realize that I was professional and serious.

The other thing to remember about BR is really more than one thing and I’ll just give you a link to it. It may help explain why you don’t see many and some ways to see more:

:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Inconsistencies, Etc.) Updated July 2018 .


Thanks a lot for the valuable advice. Hope to more advices from you in near future.


Though it’s probably best to be one of the first to bid if you are < level 1, since you haven’t got long before a request disappears because a certain number of other level 0 users are likely to have posted an offer to it (and then Fiverr removes it from the list for level 0 users).

It’s okay to not be one of the first to bid if you are level 1 and above.


This is a valid point for non-leveled sellers. Thanks, uk1000.


Thanks for the input… Will try to follow it.


Thanks all itsvery help ful


No there is not specific timing given by fiverr.
But there is peak timings.At those timings more requests appear.
So best way is to note the timing of the buyer requests when you saw the requests.
And must check requests at that time daily.
Some timings are best because most countries have office time on that time.
And many requests come.