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Is There Any System To get reward if seller referring clients

Is There Any System To get a reward if the seller referring clients
anyone knows that? please share. thank you. I have a lot of social media friends who are ordering me on fiverr. thank you

  • Yes, you can refer someone to Fiverr and they can order from you.

  • The reward is $5 or 20% from their first purchase (whichever is higher). The 20% you get is capped at $100. Meaning that you can get up to $20. So if your referee placed an order for $200, you’ll get $20. If your referee placed an order for $5, you’ll get $5.

  • If your referee purchases from you, you should still get a reward.

  • The reward will be placed into your Fiverr Balance. You won’t be able to withdraw the funds. You’ll be able to use the funds on Fiverr for purchases.

All the information I mentioned above is true for users who comply with our terms. You can read more about it here:

From fiverr support team


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Why did you ask a question and then answer it to yourself?

Also, I’m pretty sure you copied and pasted your answer from somewhere and now you’re acting like you wrote it. If you copy text, you need to quote and attribute it.


Yes the answer from fiverr support team.
Sorry i forget to mentioned

Interesting but how do you prove that you referred them to fiverr and how do you ask for the 20%?

edit: I see the link which would take care of that.

This part is sort of a catch —

You are required to obtain consents from your Referrals prior to referring them.

It isn’t something you can post randomly either. It has to be an actual friend.

yes fiverr support team will help you