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Is there any way I can report a certain Customer Support representative?

I haven’t been able to get an answer for 23 days on my latest ticket and he keeps marking my tickets solved without answering, total of like 45 days without an answer. This one buyer is using my work from an order he made CS cancel and I can’t get an answer, not one.

So, is there a way for me to report this person?


Well, the CS representative knows the story better than us. You’re not saying what you did wrong. Which, considering the lack of reply from customer support, I am pretty sure you did something wrong to begin with.

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Please stop making new posts regarding same topic after every 2 weeks. You fail to understand your mistakes. Burn the past, turn the page and move on!. You wont succeed if you wont realize. And mark my words, you will be banned soon by Fiverr if you keep on creating on requests. These are spams. You have been notified by other sellers about your mistakes.
If you think you will be refunded, you are deceiving yourself. Move on. This happens with everyone. Your mistake has been highlighted before, and now further tickets will most likely ban you from Fiverr. Do you want that>


The person above posted the story. They stopped answering sometime before I discovered the video is being used and I created a ticket to tell them the video is being used, and I can’t get an answer to that either.

I mean, even if they don’t end up refunding, they need to answer and take action for the video.


No this isn’t my fault. It’s a fraud buyer who lied to get free work and he is using my video without paying. That’s not acceptable.

I am opening the threads because I have tried everything else. I am showing proof of literal theft here and you are blaming me for trying to get justice. You can block me if you don’t want to see these threads because I will not stop making them until I get a LOGICAL answer.

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This has happened with many sellers even veterans.

You have been given a logical answer by other veterans. You fail to understand. Keep on creating tickets, and mark my words you will be given a warning or banned. No use to make posts here as CS dont read these. So create tickets and dont mention over here. As its annoying, trust me veterans wont even bother to make you understand now. You will only get sympathy only from newbies and nothing else. So just move on and learn from your mistakes.


When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed.

The above is from the forum rules.


And you think that’s okay?

And no, they haven’t given me a logical answer.

This is the latest message I recieved from Fiverr Support, dated 5 weeks back.

As you can see their points are not even making sense

“the key reason being the deadline again which was not met” = Buyer accepted the extension request and I delivered withing the timeline

“and also providing the work via Google Drive link to which buyer had to access to and could not use the work, which is not in compliance with our policy.” = This is allowed and also happened because Fiverr was bugged. Still, allowed. Also, he couldn’t access it for 1 WHOLE MINUTE because I didn’t set it to public.

So no, no logical answers.

This thread is asking about how I can report a CS person. Very different from other threads. I haven’t even linked the other threads because it is irrevelant to what I am asking.


You failed to meet the original deadline, maybe the buyer expressed his point of view to CS that he didnt had any choice or something thats why he accepted. CS response clearly mentions the mistake which other sellers pointed out. And in the TOS, no google drive link is mentioned. You are required to send work through Fiverr order page only not others. So another mistake.

I wont be replying now as no use wasting time. Have fun with newbies response like above one.
Peace out

Hey Loathen, I understand your frustration but sometimes it is worth cutting your loses, accepting that some things in life cannot always face justice and learn from the experience.

I know you have lost sometime/money but as the value is low in the grand scheme of things (no offense intended) i would accept this and move on with your life and keep delivering excellent work on the platform :slight_smile:

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Well first off, it is allowed to deliver via google drive.

I don’t know how you can believe that it’s OK to accept the extension and then ask for a refund stating it is late. Does this make sense to you?

I just would like an answer to my ticket as there is new information (video is being used). At least Fiverr could take action and remove the video. They haven’t even done that! Why should I back down? Even if I don’t get paid back for this the video must be deleted. They need to do atleast that

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Here is the email address:

Nobody on the forum can help you further with this.


The way i see it, if Fiverr can help and agree with you they typically will, if they do not wish to take action, they will not, It is as simple as that.

We as sellers/buyers all accept the terms & conditions and Fiverr will also resolve the right to have the final say.

If Fiverr will not issue a refund then you have to accept this, if you want the video taken down for some sort of justice, you could contact YouTube and explain the issue.

To save yourself more stress, i would just concede, move on and focus on providing good work on your gigs.

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You didn’t meet the original deadline and even if the customer accepted the extension, that doesn’t mean he was ok with it, maybe he complained to CS that the deadline was not met.

It’s clearly against the Fiverr rules to offer via Google Drive, something that can easily be changed and manipulated. You have all the delivery tools you need on Fiverr, using a third party is a violation of the agreement you have with Fiverr, so they could actually send a warning…

Read the terms of service, it will help you avoid these issues. Now I can see the entire story and why they are closing your tickets.

Just read the terms of service and move on. You are wasting CS time and your time too.

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You are going out of you way to make me the bad guy here. Does that really make sense to you? Honestly? Accepting something and then complaining about that?

Have you ever sent an extension request? I mean I can’t even image what goes through your head when you say that

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Its not against. It should only be used if file is larger than 1 gb or technical lmitations. Incase of limitations, you should have kept proof

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And I have. Buyer sent files via requirements section and I still can’t see the files. He sent me a screenshot showing they are there. Then sent me the files using Google drive.

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Usually when the customer service rep closes the ticket, you will be notified and there should have been either a separate email or a link in the closing email to rate the service you were provided. At least, whenever I have had to deal with customer service, I have gotten the opportunity to rate who helped me.

As for the video that is being used, you have to take that up with the site or platform the guy is using it on. I think it is called a DMCA or something showing they do not have rights to it and that you own it.


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Trying to destroy someone’s livelihood by reporting them when they to help is malicious.

I’m not saying you are the bad guy, I am saying there are rules in place. They sided with the buyer because he complained of something and Fiverr thinks you are in the wrong.

Coming here to vent is ok, but don’t expect everyone to be on your side. I would suggest moving on and delivering the best results. I lost thousands on Fiverr due to scammers and my focus is to try and deliver the best service I can to others.

Insulting me won’t help you either.

It’s a forum, you can expect people that will side with you and others that don’t agree. I just shared my opinion. Customer support are your friends all the time, unless you are in the wrong with something. They even told you why they are closing your tickets. So… Why are you continually sending messages here? Maybe for venting, because your only solution is customer support and they believe you are in the wrong.