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Is there any way I can report a certain Customer Support representative?

Welcome to Fiverr. It’s your choice to come here, no one ask you.
If you dislike this platform , please leave and find other Freelancing platform. ( less competitive here haha)

Ps. these happened in ALL freelancing platform , not just Fiverr. Good luck


It’s obvious none of you here even bothered to look at my side. Fiverr is a business and it needs to protect their clients from frauds.

You guys are losing money and Fiverr is doing nothing and you are OK with that. Nothing I will say will change your mind as you are okay with being scammed.

I posted this thread to ask how can I report CS person, not to vent or get support. You guys told me I am in the wrong without me even talking about it. I don’t know why you are being agressive but I don’t care, I will not stop pursuing this.

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I answered how you can report the customer service person as well as I told you it is out of Fiverr’s hands to get your stolen work taken off the internet. That is YOUR job. You have to report your video or whatever to YouTube or wherever this thing is. Look up DMCA take down - that might help you.

We have all had fraudulent clients who have taken our perfectly performed work and use it - I have had it a handful of times, so I feel lucky, but, believe me, when it has happened, it stings! But, it is the way it is - Fiverr is not going to suddenly side with you and give you your earnings and be the internet police chasing down your work wherever this guy is posting it.



You have been given the answer.

You joined Fiverr in Jan 2020 and are level 2 with 237 reviews.

This is an excellent start and you can have a great future here.

Customer Support have made their final decision and nobody on the forum can change this or help you further.

You have also been given loads of advice in your many forum topics on the subject.

It really would be best to concentrate on building your business and let this become a distant memory.

Good luck.


And I have made a note of that and I will be sending a mail.

But the problem here is that people act like I am in the wrong here, while the CS contradicts their own ToS.

I think it’s safe to assume Fiverr will not give you your money back. So just give up on that (seriously, stop opening tickets or you can get in serious trouble, they clearly don’t want to help you anymore) and concentrate on getting the video off Youtube!! You lost money and it sucks, but that doesn’t mean that idiot buyer can get away with a free video.


Well I guess there is nothing to gain by keep writing to this forum. I will send a request to youtube and also I will be reporting the CS representative to every official channel I can find.

I don’t know how much you lost with this gig.

However, is it worth it to waste time, money and energy for that? Just think about it.

Fiverr is doing something, I got reimbursed once when I dealt with scammers. But in this case, Fiverr says you did 2 things wrong and they are closing your ticket. Clearly they know the story better and they saw both sides, and they are not siding with you. You think they are in the wrong based on your own views.

We don’t know the entire story, we didn’t see all the conversations and what you delivered is also very subjective, the customer might like it or not like it at all.

I know it sucks, I lost a lot of money due to scammers, but customer support helped me every time. Which again, this makes me believe you did something wrong, even if you don’t realize it, and Fiverr believes the customer was right to get the $$ back.

I am seeing both sides here, but without seeing all the conversations and delivery, this is just speculation from anyone replying.

However what I dislike here is the attitude. “Customer support is not helping me because they say I am wrong, let me DESTROY the livelihood of that person by reporting them”. Just because CS didn’t rule your way, that doesn’t mean they are bad man. Burning bridges with the only people trying to help you… that’s not a good approach.

As I said above and others already mentioned, just move on. You are losing more time and money pursuing this wild goose chase now when compared to the money you lost.

You did the best thing you could do with customer support, but if they believe you broke the rules some way… just move on. It’s better that way.

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@loathen hey buddy, I’ve read all your story and I am very sorry to hear that you are going through this.

As a video editor, I can’t imagine putting my heart and soul for an expensive project and then having my work stolen.

However, hear me out.

As you posted from your interaction with support, you’ve proven that despite the stolen work, some things happened which were apparently against Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

No matter how right you might be right now and understandably upset, since you’ve done something against the terms you’ve agreed to abide to, they will turn their back to you and that’s it.

My advice is to have this as a learning experience, know how to take care of your business so this never happens again.

Again, sorry this happened to you. Some people are like that unfortunately.

Take care!


Sometimes it is best to take the prudent approach and just move on with your life.

Fiverr is a private company. It makes the rules, it decides who to hire for the CS team, and it decides how to train and manage them. In terms of your complaint, Fiverr is answerable to no-one. There are no ‘official channels’ to report CS to.

Carry on and make a noise if you wish, but for the sake of one order that went wrong for you - you are potentially throwing away a good freelance career here. You’ve also lost the popular vote - which is a massive clue as to whether you are right or wrong in your quest.


No one is understanding his point of view. Fiverr is wrong, they stole :wink:

His client has no right to use his work if he hasn’t paid for it. That’s against Fiverr tos and he should be banned from the platform if he can prove that he is using it.

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It’s painful watching someone trying to ski uphill, that’s not how gravity works.

Here’s my final two cents on it:

Crunchbase lists all the core players at Fiverr

Micha Kaufman Chief Executive Officer

Gali Gelber Director of Trust and Safety

They’re on LinkedIn and twitter too, this isn’t stalking (like someone advised yesterday in a different thread) rather a more accurate means of getting your message into the right inboxes, as all other options have seemingly been expired.

Try skiing down the hill, rather than up it.

Have you emailed micha@ - got to be worth a shot? If that bounces try micha.kaufman@ and other permutations.

Working with gravity might help. All you’ve done so far is work against it.

However, there’s the chance that you’ll get some attention from the top, they’ll look into you and your conduct, only to see you’ve stalked CS for weeks over this and they could side with their decision.

If that doesn’t work for you, you need to get the hell over it and move on.

Try going from the top down to see what happens with gravity on your side.

Real life story:

I once had to email info@ board@ directors@ and several others which I made up to get in contact with someone at PayPal: within an hour of sending that mail I had a Director pick up the phone to call me, a week later paper contracts had been signed, a fortnight later we were the first merchant to do a live PayPal transaction on the mobile web, and a month after that I was presenting to PayPal’s US and UK development teams at an event in London about “the future of the mobile web”.

Before that, I was trying to ski uphill, and was getting nowhere.

Always use gravity to your advantage.

(Worth more than 2 cents!)