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Is there any way no know how many warnings i have?

I know this might be a silly question, but one of my objectives for this year, is to take more seriously my freelance job at fiverr; i have been here for some years, but without getting very involved at all. I read recently that with a third warning, you are out of fiverr, or with two of the same kind. I’m not sure, but i vaguely remember that in my first days in fiverr, i got a message, because i was doing something wrong, but i can’t remember if that was a warning, or only a suggest. So i wonder if someone here knows, if there is a way to know how many warnings i have.
I know too that at the level seller page, i can see how many warnings i have in the last month (0), but not in general. I don’t know also if this means, that any warning for the past years, now has been erased, and i don’t have any trouble at all. Of course, i don’t pretend to break any rules, only want to know better how fiverr works, to avoid that second warning in case that i’m at risk in some way, thanks.


Hi, I don’t think there is any way to check the total number of warnings you received. If you are very curious, you may get in touch with CS and see if they can give you this information.

I believe you also get an email (from Fiverr) every time you receive a ToS warning. So, you could check your inbox for emails from Fiverr to see how many warnings you’ve received. :thinking:

Warnings are permanent. They don’t get removed from your Fiverr record.

The best thing anyone can do to stay out of trouble on Fiverr is to thoroughly read/understand and abide by Fiverr’s Terms of Service.



I found a way to check if you have any warnings, you can do it for both seller and buyer account. Hope this helps:

You can do this here:


You just became my favorite forum person! Brilliant tip! I didn’t think I had any warnings, but it is refreshing to be able to confirm this.

Now I’m interested in the wording of “Your account doesn’t have any active warnings at the moment.”

“Active,” after all, could imply that warnings are removed after a while. :thinking:

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Ahaha thank you and no problem!

Good catch on the words they chose, maybe they do delete warnings, if anyone has experienced this I’m curious to find out for sure.


@lynmotion Great find! This must be a new thing. :slight_smile:

“No active warnings” could also imply that your account is not currently under review (pending a decision from the T&S team) for a ToS violation. :thinking:


Thanks! This works, everything’s fine, thank you very much

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Thank you for the amazing tip! That’s pretty cool to know even though we all hope never to get any warnings. Cheers!


Yes, you can check here for your warnings.

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That’s cool but it’s only showing active warnings, not old warnings as far as I can tell.