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Is there any way to block a buyer from ordering?

Is there anyway to stop a buyer from ordering gigs and stop blackmailing sellers? Some buyers just order a $5 gig to blackmail and post a bad review.


No! You can’t stop but if the buyer threatens you or annoys even after you don’t want to take order just contact CS and tell them about this.

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I heard that you could block fiverr account from Fiverr APP, not from PC
Wish you luck

You could increase your minimum gig price.
Also if they threaten you you could report them like specified above (with the report option next to messages).


You cannot block any buyer from ordering from you on the Fiverr App. However, you can block them from messaging you in the App.

@themajiks do not work for free! As @uk1000 said, raise your gig prices. :moneybag: You have plenty of reviews to support your asking for more. :money_mouth_face:

Or you could increase your prices to $10 and perhaps put a bit extra into each gig :thinking: When I raised my prices, most of those headache :face_with_head_bandage: buyers disappeared. Those that still around contact me for a “deal” (which I never give them) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: before ordering.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: :wink: