Is there any way to block someone from purchasing a gig?


I’ve been contacted endlessly by someone unbalanced and do not want to deal with them or have them purchase a gig. Would love to block them somehow.


I really wish there was a feature like this. i don’t know if there is.


Hi @Misscrystal Sorry for that experience. You’ll want to report the person to Support:

Here are the threads you should take a look at re blocking them:


Good luck!


That is a feature I wish was automatic but I guess Fiverr want to leave it until it is a desperate situation before they get rid of Buyers, as it is the Buyers that bring in cash.

The Sellers are the ones providing the service and they need to remember that though.

I would follow the advice of eddiethornton above as it is no different to what I would suggest.


At this current moment there is no feature to block the gig purchase however you can block them from sending you comments.

If you are having problems with the seller by any means, simply contact and open a ticket.

Don’t let these buyers put you down and keep on working hard!

Best Of Luck,

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I believe all you need to do is click the “Report” button in the conversation thread. Good luck.


The Report link does NOT stop them from buying. It only stops them from sending you a message to your conversation page. I wish it did stop buying as well, but it doesn’t. We really need Fiverr to add a STOP BUYING feature so we don’t have to keep dealing with buyers who continuously abuse sellers. If CS was willing to protect sellers from abusive buyers than no problem – but every time I read on the forum about a seller being abused by a buyer and nothing was done by CS, I say than give us the power to keep abusive buyers from abusing us. Please!


Just recently I had a buyer ignore my Gig instructions and submit an order. At the risk of ending up with a negative review from that buyer, I’m working on that order. I’ve read far too many stories about how sellers are abused by certain buyers, and even more about overworked sellers ending up with bad reviews from demanding buyers. It would be divine if we sellers had more protection against errant, troublesome buyers.


This person spends hours every day sending messages and saying they are going to by a gig and it stresses me out to try to deal with them. ~X(


I had that kind of buyer in the past: after trying to write to him unsuccessfully, I send him a mutual cancellation request. He cancelled it. I send to him another mutual cancellation request, but he cancelled it again. Then I wrote to support to inform them about my problem, and they asked me if I want to allow the guy from Support to cancell that order. I happy answered YES!!!