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Is there any way to change seller review?


I have mentioned Service type That mean what I have work with the buyer in my seller review .One of my client tell me to remove my given feedback that showing my client profile.Is there any way to remove this?


That’s a new feature but there is no way that you can remove it. Support might be able to if the buyer asks, but that would kind of negate the point. The seller sure cannot do anything after the review is submitted.


If I contact support , would it good or if buyer ?as I feel affarid to contact support


I think it’s make much more sense for you to contact the support instead of the buyer. If buyer contact support, I think it will negate the whole process of leaving a review for the buyer’s in the first place just like @fonthaunt Point out.

I don’t think there’s a need for you to be afraid in doing so. This relates to the client and not you afterall.


Support won’t change it for you. I would either just tell the buyer you can’t change it (true) or tell the buyer to ask Support. As far as I know sellers cannot remove or change reviews by any means. The transaction is over, really, if it were me, I would move on.


Thanks for your suggestions