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Is there any way to do the fiverr tests in Spanish?


I want to do the tests to be published on my profile, but I do not speak English well. The Test I want to do is from Photoshop.


No. Fiverr hasn’t created a way to do it as far as I know. Though you could try the Spanish to English test or the English to Spanish test.


As @uk1000 said there’s no way to do them in Spanish, you can try the “Translate this website” option on Google Chrome but I don’t know if that will work.


I’m not sure it would be allowed by Fiverr even if it did work which it probably won’t. ie. some might use it in some tests to try to cheat so the test will probably prevent it. It stops people clicking something else so that might stop it.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, in translation tests that would be cheating.


You could do the Photoshop test anyway. If you don’t pass you can always re-try at a later date (though there are limits to how often a test can be re-taken within a certain amount of time). And if you pass you have the option for whether it will be shown on your profile.


I think Fiverr has moved toward an expectation for sellers to have solid English skills, so I doubt they would add Spanish tests. For example, this is on the current help pages:

" Language

To work with Fiverr, your command of the English language (speaking and writing) must be at a high level. Your mother tongue does not necessarily have to be English, but we expect sellers to communicate in the platform with a proficient level of English-speaking skills."

You might try to brush up on your skills and then re-take any tests as needed. Good luck!


Thank you very much for your answers!