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Is there any way to get back on first page in search results?

I was present on first page for like 6 months , suddenly its dropped to last page. Can some one explain how to get back my rank on first page ?

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

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What if i tell you i am one of the highest earner in my category with 100 percent completion and delivered on time , and just got 1 bad review out 96 . I dont belive this if 1 bad review can dig a grave for your account .


That topic could help you get more info.

Also search the forum for similar topics.

This is an ongoing thing on Fiverr due to overwhelming amount of new sellers so algorithm is confused how to handle it.

Use SEO means nothing if 100000 people put same keyword in their title and tag.


Its not about SEO , anymore its true there are a lot of gigs and competition is fierce ,

You know what, why your gig go to the last page?

  1. When your order is canceled.
  2. when your order was completed but the client gives you a bad comment.
  3. And your ordered was fully completed with a good comment but three days later Fiverr ask a question to the client, What was the seller? Then, If the client says the seller was good. Then your gig will go to the first page. Or the Client shares her bad opinion. Your gig will be down.

Now My solutions are:
If you complete some order with good comment, Then your gig will automatically come on the first page. It depends. That’s my opinion.

You have to use perfect Tag and keyword so its can be 1st page

Tags don’t help now a days . Anyways thankyou for suggestion .

Sir if that’s the issue , why i am seeing gigs with 14 ( 1 star reviews )on top and first page in 3d product category . Its a mystery as people on other forums have mentioned , they did close to 100 orders from buyer request and repeat sellers and its been a year now there gigs cannot be found in search results.

Maybe their Impressions and click are very better than they are hope. For that their gig almost on top and first page in the 3rd product category. Understanding how and when Fiverr algorithms work is a big challenge. I would advise you to spend time in the Fiverr forum. You will notice that within 2-5 days your gig returns to its previous position. Ever since I started giving time to forums. Since then my gig impressions and clicks have been increasing exponentially. This implies those who are spending time in the Fiverr community. Their gigs keep coming. Best wishes for you!

IF it was about gig impressions i believe my friend should have been on top on different categories as well . He was getting 60-70 thousand impressions around 300+ clicks per month

I think you should wait. You know, if you wait, you can get good results. Besides, I don’t see any other way. Thanks