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Is there any way to get discount on fiverr courses?

Hello, guys hope you all are fine
well I just wanted to know that is there any way to get discount or off on the Fiverr learning platform

advance thanks for your help guys :slightly_smiling_face:


Keeping an eye on the forum and reading the mails Fiverr sends might help, you just missed a 15% discount for Valentines day, for 3 days from Feb 14 on. It was announced here on the forum, I also got a mail about it.

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oh my bad, really unlucky me :frowning:

hi, miila , can you tell me if I buy some course and completed successfully is there any chance to get more visibility/impression? recently I have completed one course but I can’t see any improvement.

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Hi there. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do courses for more visibility/impressions if you don’t want to do them anyway.

I have no idea if it helps visibility/impressions as I don’t monitor mine apart from checking if my gigs are back in search after making edits.
There are so many factors that influence visibility/impressions/ranking anyway that I’d probably not be able to say if an increase is for that specific reason even if I monitored them.
Only Fiverr has info/access to stats like that.
If you say you can’t see any improvement, however, it seems to hint at it not really being a (big) factor for visibility/impression.

The way in which they probably help (apart from you learning things that you can implement in your business), IMO, is when buyers look at your profile page, they might be a reason for buyers to choose you over others, depending on the buyers and depending on the course/s you took.
But for that, they must first have a reason to even look at your profile, which means they’d have to see your gig when they browse or search and be interested enough to click the gig and your profile.


i got your point miila …Thank you alot for writing huge details for me. thank you again :smile:

Hi!! I was not able to find any discounts for the courses. Fiverr should provide coupon codes !!

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I’m sure around Thanksgiving/Black Friday you might possibly get some good deals.

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Is that official psychic advice, or do we have to pay for that? :wink:

I think you could be right. I remember something similar happening last year.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t see the date on this thread.

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even i want discount too please someone help me too