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Is there any way to get some extra tips from My client?

Please help me is there any system to get some tips from my client on fiverr? or can a client give me some extra tips if he wants?

Yes he can if they want. Fiverr takes them to the page to leave a tip after completing an order.


thank you so much mam

The last time I ordered, Fiverr reminded me that it was customary to leave a tip, so if you do not get a tip, that is the buyer’s choice.

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Providing outstanding work with fast delivery time can be a good chance for your to get a good tip.

Effective and timely communication is another requirements to catch the buyer’s mind.


I feel like Fiverr says that because maybe tips would encourage sellers to continue charging peanuts.

Because tipping isn’t customary in freelancing. You charge what you are worth.