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Is there any way to hack an Iphone 4?


This might be nothing but I think someone might have stolen my handbag. :slight_smile:

All my fault. I never lock my door and my (MAN) handbag is always hanging by it. I rarely use it and I actually bought a new android phone last week. In this case, it has just been there with my old phone in and my windows tablet. Today, however, I noticed that it was gone.

I didn’t think anything of this but it started bugging me and I have just turned the whole house upside down looking for it and it is not here. In this case, I have just changed all my passwords for (I think everything) and remotely killed my windows tabled. BUT I can’t do this with my old Iphone, as it doesn’t have a sim in. It is locked so that if someone turns it on they will just get the lock screen. The only problem is, if they can get past that there is everything like Fiverr, Payoneer, my Email, Photos etc etec…

Since I’ve changed all my passwords anyway, my only problem is really personal stuff. Am I just being paranoid, or could someone determined enough (even though I can’t think why) crack this?


Lock your door in the future. Good luck!


In case you had 'Find my iPhone" enabled, this might work:

If not, this doesn´t help for your current problem, but maybe see whether you want to use something similar for your new Android in case the thief comes back! :eyes:



No way to hack it.

We have had a crime situation or two where the FBI and other police agencies are not able to hack
those. These were cases where someone shot a lot of people and the cops got the phone of the shooter to investigate it. Right now such a case is going on. I’m not sure if these are iphones but
as I recall there was one situation with one and the FBI or CIA had not been able to hack one.


Can you call your phone provider and have it deactivated, as in made to not be of any use to anyone. I lost my Kindle and reported it to Amazon and they did that. :confused:


@misscrystal @miiila & @vickiespencer. Thanks for the heads up Miss C. I think it might be possible to wipe and reset but that would lose all data on it (and I’m fine with that). As for tracking and deactivation, I can’t do any of that as I never bothered setting that up and luckily I took the sim out last week to put in my new phone. - I say lucky as everyone from my bank to Fiverr is set up to send me security codes via that number for increased security.

Anyway, it is a really old phone and the more I think about it, someone literally must have just opened the door and grabbed the first thing of (apparent) value they saw. I’m a bit upset about the tablet BUT actually very impressed by how easy it is to kill those with your Windows ID. God bless the giant multi-national Orwellian world we live in. It does have some practical uses sometimes.

Oh and I am going to miss my manbag… :(:sob:


Hey hey, you´ll find a much nicer bag, maybe one with extra chico food compartments and… a good spot to install a mousetrap! You could get your iPhone back then when the thief tries to steal your Android perhaps. :thinking:


Don’t say that. The only things of value I own are my laptop and Viking drinking horns. I do have the day (so far) off tomorrow, though, so I can start replacing things. I just hate how whenever you buy something like a new phone that you put money aside for, the universe suddenly delivers you other unexpected expenses.

Personally, I think its all the ghosts of all the iPhone factory slaves getting their karmic payback. It doesn’t matter if you tried to do the right thing and get an android to appease them. They just hate all phone users.


Hacking an iphone 4 is rather possible unlike the newer versions the protection on that is very outdated.


The trick is using the money you put aside to buy good mead for your Viking drinking horns and buying a phone you secretly would like to quickly be trash soon or stolen soon enough, and even if it´s the cheapest thing you could get with a plastic screen and faux aluminum frame, it will survive the most gruesome falls and bumps and nobody will want to steal it either.


Start locking your door also.