Is there any way to remove negative reviews


One of my customer asked to scrap yellow pages 18400 restaurant data, as per my gig 250 count data will take 3 days, we came to an mutual understanding for a bulk order I give a huge discount 63gig and I charged only 10 gig delivered it after 9 days because of huge data requirement. After scraping the site both found thousands of duplicate data , but actually I send it as a attachment to finalize whether I am delivered the requested data but he got angry because of the result and marked it as late delivery, now I am not getting that much orders before I got, i already send a ticket to fiverr support , can anybody help me on this.


I’m sorry to hear about your experience! You could either contact support to revise this but that isn’t always the answer. However, i would deeply advice you contact the seller and try negotiate to see if there is something you could do in order for him to remove the negative review. If nothings solved, you could always offer to give his money back and cancel it by contacting support as a last solution. I hope this helps!! xx


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