Is there any way to return money to a buyer?


I’ve posted 3 times today with questions. It looks like I’m being attacked by clumsiness on both my end and my clients’.

So this might sound stupid but… Someone just over payed for one of my gigs and even though they don’t seem to realize this I don’t feel alright talking an extra $5. Is there anyway I can return $5 out of the $15 they payed?



No partial refunds are not possible. You will have to cancel the order. Your client can then purchase the new gig with the correct amount.

Try and offer them an additional extra to make up for it or if it’s a regular buyer maybe a credit for the next purchase?


The ONLY way money can be returned to a buyer is to cancel an order. That means you’d have to cancel the entire order and create a new ticket with the new amount. But that could hurt your rankings.

On the other hand, you could offer them an extra for the same that covers that amount. You could also talk it out with them and they see it as a gift.

Edit: @annai80 just beat me to the comment, but there you have it…


Luckily the price is right with the extra work they need but I think they are having trouble using the website because they couldn’t order the extra by themselves.
Thanks for the help although I think there should be a way to make a partial refund.


Sometimes, there arises the need for such a refund, but this is not a regular issue so Fiverr hasn’t bothered about that yet. Just try making it clear what a buyer will get per his payment. This shouldn’t be a problem for custom orders. For direct orders where it could be, I believe it’s the buyer’s fault for not reading well enough before purchase. Except they do point it out, I might assume they needed a little extra and silently offer that, or just let it slide (amidst a happy assumption that it is a gift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


Most of my orders are custom and I set them up myself but this time the client decided to buy a package and made a little mess. I fixed it by offering an extra service just like somone suggested :wink:

Thanks for all the help!