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Is there any way to "schedule" a delivery?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there’s any way to schedule a delivery at all? For example, if a client ordered something from me that is due in two days, but I completed it in just a few hours, I’d like to be able to submit it and have the system send it off in two days.

If it’s not possible, I’d love to see Fiverr do this.

But why? Delivering the work as soon as possible is a great way to impress the buyer :thinking:


My gig has two options - 24 hour delivery ($5 extra - $10 in total) and 2 days ($5 in total).

For those who choose the 2-day option, I cannot just send in a couple of hours. It would discourage them from choosing the 24-hour delivery option in the future if I sent their work in that quickly for just $5.

The whole reason why it’s cheaper is because they have to wait!

This would also be useful if I am unavailable/busy during the day the order is due. I can just have it done earlier and have the system submit in the appropriate time.

When delivering ‘too early’ you could state: ‘Here is your delivery two days early, without extra charge’.
This would send the signal that you made an exception for them and result in a positive review.