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Is there any way to send mock up to client?


Hello fellas i hope you all are doing good.

I would like to know from all of you that is there any way to send mock up logs and sample work to buyers along with submitting proposal so that they can see my work.

Is there any chance to message them directly ??

Please share your opinions .


It was allowed to send messages to buyers before but now it is not allowed to contact a buyer directly, it’s a violation of Terms of Service. Your account would be in risk if you would do that.

But you can definitely tell the buyer to check your profile and gigs for your previous works and ratings. If they think you deserve the work, they will definitely contact your for the project. :smiley:


@iamsachmusic thank you for your valuable feedback.


Yes. As long as the URL is allowed by Fiverr you can include it in the proposal.
For example, I’ve sent my proposal as a YouTube video.


@uxreview thanks a lot for kind valuable feedback i will definitely follow this.