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Is there any way to tell when a order will be marked complete?


I delivered to one of my buyers on 9/8 at 10:41 A.M. I got the message that it would be marked complete in 3 days. All of my other orders so far have been marked complete by the buyer before the time was up, but in this case, the buyer sent me an inbox message that they were happy with the work but did not mark it complete or rate it. They haven’t responded to further communications.

I thought perhaps it would be marked complete at 10:41 today which I think was the 3 day mark and I thought the process was automated, but so far it is only marked Delivered but remains open. I don’t see any way in Manage Sales or anywhere to tell when to expect completion. Am I counting wrong (my major was English and I am terrible at math) or am is it just a little arbitrary? Thanks everyone!



Reply to @nystrele: I’ve sent two really nice messages to the buyer similar to what you wrote. They ordered multiple gigs and marked the others and left ratings. I think this last one just slipped under the radar. I don’t want to harass them and since nothing negative will happen by just letting auto-complete I don’t mind too much. I’d just like the funds to move toward clearing and such. It will probably clear soon!


hi! occasionally when a particularly large order is not marked complete, i’ll send a message to the buyer along the lines of: “hello, it has been great working with you. i’m hoping you are as happy with my work as i was in delivering it to you. i’d be most appreciative if you would kindly mark the order complete to send it through the fiverr pipeline.” this works a good bit of the time!




Reply to @kjblynx: Hmmm. Well, I know Fiverr has been changing a few things on appearance and had some trouble with Buyer Request so maybe some things are slightly delayed. I’ll try patience first and if it doesn’t go through in another day or so I’ll contact CS. Thanks!