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Is There Any way To Tip Or Express Gratitude To Customer Support?

Eddie from customer support showed so much professionalism and genuine understanding when dealing with my situation about the whole gig not showing in search thing. Is there any possible way I can give him a tip or something. I’m not kidding I’ve never tipped a waiter even when I visited the US, they probably spit in my food. But CS and this guy I really wanna support some way. Any ideas?

How can I bribe Customer Support?


Tell him you appreciate it and say thank you and give him a ten star rating, when you get the rating mail.

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…wait there’s a rating mail?
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There is. Usually, at least.

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Thanks… I should check my mail more often.

Since they’ve got the new ones with the scale from 1 - 10, every time I click on one of the rating numbers I get a ‘survey not found’ error - anybody else, or just me?

Someone could have told me…

I´ve done the 1-10 scale ratings a few times and it worked, I haven´t had a ticket lately though.

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I checked my mail I don’t have it…

Gives me an error every time - I asked CS about it, and they directed me to the survey company. Thanks miiilia!

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It usually comes in a few hours after your ticket’s marked as solved. I agree BTW - Eddie is great!


I think it can take a bit, maybe there´s a ‘waiting time’ for the system to send out those mails to see if the ticket/case won´t be reopened? Don´t know, just speculation. The title of the mails is ‘How would you rate our support’, maybe check spam folder too, but if your ticket was resolved only today, I´d just wait a bit and see if it comes.

Lol yes, I like Eddie, too.

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Eddie deserves a promotion. Definitely gonna recheck my mail every 3 hours. Eddie deserves it.

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